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Thread: Rip Me Baby To Avi

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    n e 1 got n e decent programs to rip dvd movies to avi??

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    Try smartripper to rip the vob files to your hard drive then flaskmpeg to code them in avi

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    max dvd to avi creator will rip straight from vob to avi
    download the trial from their site (can't remember the url, just google search for it), then "find" a serial for it.
    good luck

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    Originally posted by hotindew@27 May 2003 - 20:19
    n e 1 got n e decent programs to rip dvd movies to avi??
    Tri hereif u want the progs and guides to make the best rips.

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    The best program by far if Gordian Knot (the link on the above thread). I've not had any synch problems using that but have had with loads of others programs. Nothing worse than spending 4 hours encoding a DVD only to find out it's unwatchable. It's even easier to use now with the introduction of Robot Rip. Great program

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    Smartripper or DVD decryptor and then Dr. DivX for the avi conversion. I tried it once and I had a flawless result. I used to use Vidomi for the conversion, but that stopped working for me.


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