Hi all!
I must say that i just found about this forum's existence right now, and i'm amazed by it, it went straight onto my favourites.

My question is to those users that have had dedicated servers at giga-international, or read news about them, what are the policies of giga regarding to filesharing.

I've just bought a server there, and i will be hosting a FTP site (I won't say here the address, i suppose it would break the forum's rules), and i'd like to know how much they "close their eyes" into this kind of use.
I was amazed by the reference in their first page to their "discrete swiss account", which immediately led me to understand that they don't care what i do there. But is this accurate?

and btw, are their 100mbps unmetered for real?

best regards guys, i will be staying here for a long time, i hope!