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    Hi, I am very new to these conversion processes and have read several forums and have tried every suggestion that I have read and still cannot covert these files to viewable vcd's. I have downloaded the Matrix bitorrent have tried burning the cues and bins by using Nero and still do have a vcd. I have tried to convert the bin with vcdgear and that is not working. It my be possible that I am missing a step somewhere. I also have matix on centrophy and cannot view it on my kazzalite player (it comes out black). I truely appreciate any assistance give.

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    do you have the K-lite codec pack?

    for VCDgear:
    Extraction/conversion must be set to:
    Bin (disk image) -> mpeg.

    then press load -> select the .bin file -> choose a folder were the mpeg must be placed -> START

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    Thanks for the fast reply. I tried your suggestion and these are the errors that I am receiving on vcd gear.
    Unable to locate AVSEQ/MUSIC MPEG tracks.

    Unable to determine image sector size. Use Force Read option

    What do you suggest? I would also prefer to be able to burn the files and watch them on my dvd player. I have burned and watched other vcds before (but I have never used bins/cues). This is the first time that I have had this much trouble. Is it a possibilty that the files are corrupt? Are there any sites to download the bins/cues? I am looking for Xmen 2 and Matrix Reloaded. Also, I downloaded mirc, but unfortunately, I have no clue as to how to get or download the bitorrents.

    Once again. Thank you for any assistance.

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    If the files are still in .rar format, then extract the whole lot to one folder. This will make a new bin and cue file. Although it is not necessary, extract them all to be sure. Next, try VCD gear to extract the MPG.


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