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Thread: Expert Pool... ..anybody?

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    I was just wondering if anyone could give me the(working) hash to this great game.

    I can trade as well.

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    We dont trade things here we just give stuff and sorry I dont have any pool games lol

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    Try Virtual Pool 3 . its on kazaa

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    i have VP3, but I just wanted expert pool cause its neater I think. ya know. B)

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    I just checked , its on eMule with 89 sources...ill download it and see how it stacks up to VP3

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    The graphics can only be set at 640x480 .... thats not too good

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    tried installing emule... .difficult not better the k-lite anyway. But i still like expert pool.

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    By "tried" do you mean failed to complete,,,,Then you cant know if its better or have to add a server address to emule before it will connect

    kazaa is definitely faster. but has no where near as many games and software as eMule...and over half of the ISOs or BINs you get from kazaa will be corrupt.

    If people really wanted their files they would get them on emule or eDonkey or Gnutella or BiTtorrent or WinMX or where ever they can find them... (opps eDonkey is gay, sorry gamer)

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    im guessing emule doesn't have spyware


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