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Thread: Need help setting my leaseweb seedbox

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    I must say that I thought getting a seedbox on would be easy, boy I'm so wrong. I wished that I just sticked with my torrenthosting plan with other providers I was getting 1200KB down 140 KB up. Then read the great 007 topic about seedbox and got tempted for the speeds then subscribed to leaseweb Express Server 1 plan. Now I don't know how to start. This thing seems very difficult but I hope that I'm wrong. Please I would appreciate any help from a leasweb user to get my seedbox started.

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    try looking over at, they have a few guides how to set up.

    You'll first need apache, mysql, php and python set up then torrentflux, that's if you're running linux.

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    kids with too much money tsk tsk tsk

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    The answear is very simple; spend extra 12 euro and get Windows Server

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    LW Express Servers suck! They seem to be "burstable up to 100Mbit" instead of true 100Mbit servers like their other servers or Vectoral...


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