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Thread: Bittorent Down?

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    this and others i have are blank is something down?


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    I don't know what is going on. But I noticed it also, it is kind of strange how all the bit torrent sites seem to be down at the same time. I haven't seen anything posted on forums though.

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    well i got some torrent files saved so im good

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    Bittorrent sites go up/down, all the time. They provide links to software/movies etc. Don't expect these sites to keep operating without a snag here and there. B)

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    Ok here is my best guess- if any of you saw the article on slashdot from the BBC, you'll know that bittorrent has been singled out for distributing Matrix Reloaded. Now these webmaster did one of two things 1) crumbled under the traffic or 2) got the hell up out of dodge.


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