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Thread: Reason 2.5

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    Anybody got hold of this yet?

    Ive just seen a 3mb beta version but not getting any sources right now.

    Would have thought there's a few folks here who'd really want this. Could use that new reverb and the vocoder.

    I guess it takes time.

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    I just downloaded a 2Mb which was useless. Deleted straight away. Then found another file 'Reason 2.5 upgrade working.exe' which is 520mb.


    ....a little bit of searching around and just found out that the download size of the upgrade for registered users was 38mb.

    So am wondering what is currently downloading?

    I'll keep searching...


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    what is reason 2.5? Im not familiar with it...

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    Ah - sorry cyruseh. Reason is a complete software music production studio - it has samplers, synths, drum machines, effects and a sequencer. And much more.

    Its an all-in complete system - you can do everything by midi - using different samples, loops and instruments etc to create sounds and songs. Its a brilliant piece of gear. Has to be downloaded as 3 discs. Its incredibly stable (music making software is notorious for its bugs and crashes) and not too intensive on cpu. I use it pretty extensively, loading it all into another music program - Cubase, to record vocals, guitar etc.

    The 2.5 is an update - giving new effects and utilities.
    Makes quite a difference.

    I have now found and installed the update (filesize is 38mb - anyone else looking for it). There is now plenty of sources and several different copies on Kazaa. To anyone who has been using Reason, I would highly reccomend getting the update - makes it even more brilliant.



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