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    PirateShare is a proxy protected file hosting service that's based on 2 years of development on behalf of Nsane and a few of the other Staff and ViP Members on his forums. Starting in Sweden all the uploaded files are transfered through a proxy and are placed on hidden FTP servers that are donated and operated by people who frankly don't give a s**t about copyrights. On top of that, we're hosted by PRQ Inet which many of you may know is the home of the ThePirateBay (a really popular torrent site). For the combined result of us not having to enforce a copyright policy and all you little pirates having a file host you can use to share your warez goodies with your friends.

    Another benefit of PirateShare is the fact that we don't have any stupid download limits. No waiting periods, no verification codes, no hourly bandwidth limits, no need for premium accounts, no nothing. Just good ol' fashioned point and click downloading.
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