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    About an hour ago, I had some one upload the first part of matrix from my computer and they send me an instant message asking how I got hold of the file, so I say the same way you did by uploading/downloading from kazaa.

    But we then continue to chat about lots of stuff, but I started to getting a little suspicious of some of the questions that he was asking like:

    -wow these new movies get on to the internet pretty quick
    -do you how they do this
    -is there like one main person you download from

    then I remember reading an article some where about members from these copyright companies signing up to these forums and posing to be 16 yr kids and start asking all sorts of questions,

    does any hear believe that there could be "spooks" looking through these posts and creating false ones?

    Or am I suffering from paranoia cause I hav'nt had alot of sleep latley

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    Someones just winding you up mate,dont worry.

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    I'm sure you're safe. It probably WAS a 16 year old, looking to find a faster way to get the file.
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    Cheers people, I think need to getsome sleep, but keep having to click more source for the second part of the matrix it goes from 70k to 0.01 just like that

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    I dont know guys...the Big Brother is always watching..[looks around nervously ]


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