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Thread: Movie Stops Play But Sound Continues

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    Lately when watching movies that were dl form Kazaa they end up freezing at certian points, but the sound continues to play. Any help would be much apperciated


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    This could be caused by any number of reasons. First and foremost, uninstall ANY AND ALL codecs on your system. Then reinstall the k-lite codec pack full. Try playing in BS player.

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    Happens all the time to me as well. I guess its just a corruption due to the transfer or something. I've found the best thing to do is note where abouts it stops, then stop your media player and the start the movie again a few seconds past the glitch. There are probably other ways to remedy this such as running it through Divfix but I havent been bothered to try it with a 700MB file. Although could be worth it if you plan to burn it to CD and keep it.

    BTW what media player do you normally use. I use WMP.

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    Huh...could be due to high memory load...try not to run too many things while watching vids

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    or they are being stupid and playng it on something like kazaa and WMP

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    It has happen to me ! that's because of a file problem, some players will play without any problems and u will see the bad image at that time of the movie then it will continue normally but other players will stop there and u have to fasforward manually

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    Download virtualdub thta detects freezes, find a guide to follow i have one very easy to follow and it has been sucessful so far.

    It does not not take a lot of time to do if you save the outgoing file as an AVI my P3 800 only took 10 mins to remove two freezes from lotr two towers disc1.

    My sons PC with XP p4 1.7 just plays past all the errors.

    Cheers SMID

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    DivFix works nice. I just got it and it works wonderfully. It is much easier than Virtual Dub.


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