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Thread: Crack vs. Mini Image

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    Well as the title suggest whats the pro and cons with those types of "solutions"? I was thinking that if you disregard the hassle of mounting the images thats the best way to play games with out the original cd/dvd in the drive. because with a mini image you can install new patches, mods and stuff like that. But whats your thoughts? any advantages with cracks?

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    cracks are better than images.because most of images are very large and i still need to waste time by mounting or changing images.Also a waste of freespace.And you can still update your game by backuping the original exe with the crack method

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    As space isn't really a problem for me on my desktop and swapping images with Daemon tools is a very simple task I use images as much as possible.

    On my laptop I use cracks though for the sake of space.

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    It's true that you can make a backup of the original .exe file but if you replace the new updated .exe file with the (old) crack .exe one cant that cause problems?

    And as for the size of the images I was talking about those small (5mb at most) homemade images that emulates the cd/dvd with all of the protections (securerom etc). I haven't been playing that many games recently so I don't know if that way of semi cracking (yeah I know it's nothing like real cracking) is still in use.

    all tough most cracks works fine I recently tried to play razors manhunt on vista but that didn't work at all, it wouldn't start with the crack .exe and asked for the dvd with the original one.

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    cracks are much easier

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    cracks are better than images

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    crack good image bad

    Anyone care to expand on that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ButWay View Post
    crack good image bad

    Anyone care to expand on that?
    If you read between the lines (a contradiction I know but hey...) most people like cracks because they are quick, easy and people are very lazy/dim. You install the game, throw the crack in and you're away. No fussing with the image file and Daemon tools every time you need to play. You just click and play.

    However, you'll need to either keep a copy of the original exe file or be using an image file for patches (seems every game has them these day) and for expansions or (in some cases) for mods.

    The other drawback is that some cracks just aren't stable. I've had games crashing because the crack is crap but when I've switched to using an image file of some sort I've been fine.

    Swings and roundabouts imo, if you've got the hard drive space and the technical know-how to start up Daemon tools I'd say use some form of image file. If, however, you're low on space, find mounting images difficult, intend to delete the iso file (along with the downloaded files) as soon as the game is installed and probably won't play the game for more than a few hours I'd wholeheartedly recommend using a crack.

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    cracks are better than images.

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    I know CHEESE covered it (but mini-images are better), they tend to leave the game more stable, require no modification of the .exe which allows for easily patching, especially important if the game auto-updates. Most images I have used are less than one mb in size anyway.

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