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Thread: Bittorent

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    I was downloading Enter the Matrix all in one Bittorrent and now it gives me errors and won't continue downloading. Also when it was downloading I noticed there were no seeders and the largest someone had was 87%. does someone know if this is a fake

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    The error I am getting is "Problem connecting to tracker"
    I am sorry for posting this here I should of put it in Gameworld but I was thinking about the movie
    I am also seeing a lot of posts about it being stuck at 87% as well

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    Huh...well first off what bittorrent website were you downloading from? Cuz the big ones usually pull fake files rather early...tracker problems is very common...happnens all the time, but everyone being stuck at 87%....hmmm...thats probably due to no seeders with the entire file.

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    Dont people read pinned topics

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    Well Adthomp...I didnt see any pinned Enter the Matrix thread in Gameworld...which is really where he should have posted this thing...

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    everyone on bt who is dl enter the matrix is stuck on 87% the fact is u will most likley never get off it, unless the whole bt community, who might i say are all pretty annoyed about the amount of people leeching off our wonderful sharing network, the amount of leeching is unbarable all we ask is u leave the window open at least a few hours insted of saying oh ive got the file that was fast now i'll leave!!!! all get up and say lets share, there are no seeders for that file, which means there are no people with the whole file who are sharing, this means, like me and everyone else out there that u are stuck on 87% cos thats the most anyone who is online has.

    As u can tell im a bit annoyed about the leeching

    the most u can do is find an ftp or buy the game, make cd image files and return it

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    Guys, it's not so hard to search for yourself.
    There are plenty topics about Bittorrent and Bittorrent site listings.

    Here goes, Bittorrentsites or this site have an up-to-date list of bittorrent sites

    As I'm in a good mood I searched for you and 0-Mile still has some seeders for Enter the Matrix.

    Now remeber, once you have downloaded it KEEP THE WINDOW OPEN TO SEED IT TO MORE USERS!
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    God I hope Suprnova comes back, was the only real source for getting reliable games, as there are never any sources on kazaa....

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    Well, blame the BBC and Slashdot.

    The BBC reported a bogus story, that a DVD quality version of Matrix reloaded was on bittorrent.

    Slashdot had already made big Bittorrent story (without the bogus story). Leaving a lot of torrent sites victim to the 'slashdot effect'.

    Coupled with bandwith problems for most bittorrent sites, it freaked a lot of webmasters (and hosters) and consequently we now have a bittorrent 'blackout'

    Hope everything recovers soon...
    Can't remember a movie's name? Ask help at MovieWorld's Lost & Found

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    The reason Bittorent is stuck at 87% is because it is a shitty filesharing program. If it where to be successful it would have found a way to share files instead of leaving the window open. They are just asking themselves to get mad at leechers, their program creates a ton of them

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