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Thread: All The Good Bittorent Sites Are Gone

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    WHY are all the best bittorrent sites down.....suprnova,bounceme etc.....

    has there been somekind of crackdown by internet half way through sims 7 in 1 does anyone know where i could go to resume my download and if the old GOOD sites will ever return

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    marble not sure where they all whent, just checked the ones i had in me favourites and there all gone/down
    except this one, dont know if it helps but try.

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    The bittorrent got hit hard due to the distribution of Reloaded...most either abandoned ship or were shut down...but dont worry..if they dont come back, some new websites will come take their place.

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    sorry half of the sites listed are down.

    does anyone know a bittorrent site that has sims 7in1


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    if anyone is missing suprnova as much as me here is a link to its index:


    I hope it returns......what next no k-lite forums?!!!

    depressing,but matrix reloaded was ripped to *&%ing hell! what do you expect.

    'if you like a movie buy it or take a trip to the cinema'

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    Well Matrix is best at the cinema anyway, and I guess most who downloaded it (atleast they should do, or they`re missing out) allready went and saw it on he big screen.

    Too bad about Suprnova and though. Two of my favorite torrent sites. If anyone sees any new ones popping up, please let us know

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    I agree a big special effects movie NEEDS a cinema or good home setup to do it justice.....i only use tmd etc if i want to get an idea of the movie.

    there will be bittorrent sites replacing those, it is soooo much better than waiting for sources etc... on kazaa. dont get me wrong kazaa is good and i always post stuff on it to share. BUT bittorrent is better

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    Of course BitTorrent far surpasses Kazaa in most aspects. I only use Kazaa for music and (some) films..... its total shit for games which I download the most, and BitTorrent gets you premium releases that are not corrupted usually quite fast. Emule, thats ok as none of the files are corrupted but I can see why its called mule as its dam slow (im on cable). So, um yeh im just hoping some major BitTorrent sites will come back. Does anyone actully know and confirm that Suprnova is non existent anymore, or just temporarily down. If it is non existent any more, Im sure Sloncek will make a new one.


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