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Thread: Sum1 Tell Me Where Is Matrix Reloaded To D/l

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    I have downloaded so many different versions of the so called matrix reloaded files they all fakes. I've looked high and low please tell where i can download any quality copy (Preferably Best)

    Do this 4 me

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    did you actually try searching the forums? because there are loads of posts about it!!!
    lucky for you i am in a good mood, and going to help

    You wont find much on Kazaa for now if thatís where your getting it from, i suggest you try Bittorrent (an easy file sharing app)

    1. Download and install BitTorrent from here
    2. Save Target As on the following file, then run it each time you want to start/continue your download
    new!! Matrix Reloaded Divx one cd 696 Mb (very good quality)

    or this larger version here - The.Matrix.Reloaded.SVCD.TS-Centropy.torrent

    read through the BitTorrent site first before you go asking any questions about .

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    read a bit, so many matrix topics post in them check for verifieds in this world if you like...

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