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Thread: Speeding Up The Uploads

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    hello i hope some one can help me with this. i have been reading through the posts and i have tried resetting all my little controls in tools but i still only up load at 1.07 kb/s i have a cable connection that i have tested with an upload tester it shows me that i upload at any where between 235 kb/s to 500kb/s i have win xp and a 950 Mghz prossesor if that matters i am running 600+M ram if that matters. i have my uploads set to 4 and i have tried all the setting for band width from unlimited to 32 but still no change in the upload speed. when some one tries to upload from me the speed starts out at 35 kb/s and slowly goes down to 1.07. i also have the super node function checked, could this be the problem? just to see i turned it off and now one of the uploads has gone to 5.33 but the others are still 1.07. please help me to help others with a faster upload

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    ok now i have my uploads down to 2 and the speed is only 6.4 to 7.5 for one user and 2.7 for the other. there has to be a way to speed this dawg up. please tell me how. i have tons of tunes i would like to share but at this rate i will be looking at only cancelled trys.

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    I know this is a shot in the dark but have you ever thought that the only ppl that are downloading off you are 56k modem users, i know this doesnt help a lot but unless you have something else like emule or something going at the same time that is eating your upload bandwidth. get yourself dumeter even if its just the 30 day trial version just to check that nothing else is using your upload bandwidth that you dont know about.

    if your upload bandwidth is 250-500kbs then thats between 30-50KBs, so ppl should be getting more than 2 or 3KBs off you, just leave it set to unlimited for awhile, like a week to see if things improve.

    Also how many files are you sharing, because anything close to 2-3000 wont work properly, i know ive tried it and hardly anyone downloaded off me when i was sharing that many files between 100 and 1000 is the optimum i would say to share on kazaa, even if you rotate them evry few days or so.

    hope this helps


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    thanks, i will put it back on unlimited and see what happens and yes i am sharing close to the 2 k mark. now you are saying that there are a lot if peeps out there that don't have cable or dsl. jeez what a bummer lol. so should i leave the super node unchecked too? or does that matter? you see i am still learning how all this stuff works.

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    even if you untick the supernode bit to enable it, it doesnt mean you will be a supernode so this doesnt realy make a lot of difference.

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    You can only do so much, once you set the option to allow uploads and a respectable upload limit based on your connection just leave it at that. Dont break your back trying to accomodate someones upload speed to suit their fancy. If your givin shitty upload speeds and you cant help it then the hell with em. As long as your allowing uploads the question is not if theyll be able to get the file, the question is when? And if they think you have shitty upload rate and they dont want to be patient and wait like everyone else for the file..................then screw them!!!

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    It could be your ISP is limiting your Kazaa upload bandwidth -- 1 KB/sec during 'peak' hours and 10 KB/sec during off-peak hours.

    And if that's the case, all you can do is complain till they change it or switch your ISP.

    Barring the ISP being the cause, the only other thing I can think of is there's something else using up your connection's bandwidth -- like a virus or trojan.

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    Originally posted by flint@28 May 2003 - 07:31
    when some one tries to upload from me the speed starts out at 35 kb/s and slowly goes down to 1.07.
    I am tempted to say its your ISP as well, please mention who you ar using as Switeck could probably tell you a few off the top who do this, if it was bad code I would think it would affect many other issues on your computer. Also, you may want to change the port in KaZaa sttings to a number above 5000, since you ISP may be looking for the standard 1214 traffic, this may help.


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