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Thread: Need Some K-guru Help With Hdware?

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    want to get a good mobo, too damn many to make a choice. ???

    I want it for the same purpose as most of the members on this forrum.
    download on p2p, video edit, convert , and produce.
    Games, (not a priority) mostly just want to compliment the cpu for max performance.

    Is a raid sys optimal for what I want it for, don' t realy know if it is good for a home pc or not.

    Thanks for posts, and Also thanks for the K-LiTe Board and members.

    I hate to go to bestbuy and ask a sales person in the Tech dept. and I know more about a dvd writer or hd than they do. and that is not that much. lol

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    What sort of upgradability are u looking for in a motherboard and what sort of hardware have u got already. ie how many things are u looking to attach to it, is there anything in particular u need eg firewire or lots of usb2, what sort of graphics card do u have, do u already have a network card......
    Any more info would help narrow it down

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    Also I personally wouldn't bother with raid I think its more for areas where data loss is of critical importance and hard drive failure is likely. But hard drives fail rarely *touches wood*

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    sorry, have a 120 ata 100 seagate,
    ati tvi wonder ve
    512 ddr 333mghz
    hp 300i dvd writer
    lg 52x36x52 cd r.
    not sure what else , want t all in wonder or a nvidia cinema mdule, both require a 8x agp I think,

    Just looking to get the most out of my cpu,

    mostly video burning and encoding.

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    I'm no Intel specialist but I thing this could be a good choice.

    Click here: GA-8PE800

    Just double check with your suppier that it will work with all your parts.

    I also agree that RAID is not needed.

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    What's your current cpu AMD - INTEL? What speed? If you are going to use your current cpu, we need to know what you have in order to recommend a board.

    nevermind, see it now :">
    "8-ball Corner Pocket"

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    I guess....(its in the subject line )
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    the board above doesn&#39;t support AGP 8x?
    It depends how much u spend, I&#39;ve guessed u don&#39;t want to spend too much so both my choices are budget choices: If u have more money to spend theres loads more choices, just say the word
    The cheapest and best with 8x I found : Soltek SL-85ERV2 "Glacier Silver" (be careful this is the AGP8x version there is also a 4x version witha similar name) This seems to be excellent value and apparently is ok for overclocking as well, but don&#39;t know how easy to find it will be.What country r u in? Another review at

    If u decide that 8x isn&#39;t necessary, I&#39;d recommend the Abit BH7 (hope the links work if not say & I&#39;ll copy the reviews)
    Enjoy B)

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    I looke at all of the above, and on one of the pages I found this one,

    Haven&#39;t looked up the price yet, but I think it is in line with what I am looking for.

    any pros and cons welcome,

    Thanks for the links guys...

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    Looks like a good choice, be wary of when motherboards say that they have headers for something like SPDif sound cos headers means pins on the mobo, they don&#39;t always supply the backplate or connectors for it (though they usually do) I couldn&#39;t see for certain if they do supply the audio outputs on the gigabyte page.
    If u want a similarly priced and good value motherboard u could also consider the AOpen AX45-4D Max. It also comes with integrated network card which can be nice if u don&#39;t already have one or even if u do it makes your computer neater and saves a pci slot.

    I think both are good choices


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