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Thread: Ask A Stupid Question Get A Stupid Answer

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    ok the person before you asks a stupid question and you give a stupid answer then ask a stupid question

    but dont give answers that dont make sense

    remember no double posting
    ok ill start it off

    why is kazza lite the best file sharing program?

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    It just is
    What the f*ck is the point in doing this?

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    hmm let me think wat is the point in this

    cuz its fun

    actually wat is the point in life we dont no yet

    if you arent gonna play the game properly then dont play at all

    ill start agian

    ::angry face at ian i williams::

    why do people get sick from eating ribbons

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    cos yo mama is fat

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    god come on you could at least ask a question

    why are perky nanas made from rainbows

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    why are you from new zealand and not australia?

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    i dont know maybe cuz i was born in nz i dont know why are you from scotland and not england

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    Originally posted by tzone@28 May 2003 - 09:05
    why are you from scotland and not england
    cos my parents made the wrong choice

    anywayz, why do blacks talk the way they do?

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    because vegetables eat grass

    hey youre getting the hang of this

    why do cats have purple eyes

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    cos god ran out of grey skittles.

    why am i only 6 inches?

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