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Thread: newshosting

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    is anyone having problems accessing the website and the server to download??

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    Not really its working fine for me... last time i had a problem was when the credit card expired and the account tried to auto renew payment and the card was expired so it stop the service quick but once i added a new card a renewed the payment everythings been fine ever since. even if the account is disabled u can still be able to log in at their site to make a payment and see account status. so check with them and if there any problems they report it quick.

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    I used to have that problem in my area with newshosting until I switched to another newsgroup provider.

    Not a problem with downtime since.

    The way I see it, some areas just seem to suck for newshosting and then some seem to have no problems at all. Why that is, I could not say...but I DID experience the same thing you are now many times when I was with newshosting in my area.
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    I used Newshosting but now I'm with UNS. I prefer UNS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by asfdlq3i45poi View Post
    I used Newshosting but now I'm with UNS. I prefer UNS.
    I moved from newshosting to UNS, I got nothing but trouble with downloading headers with UNS, They would start downloading then suddenly stop then after a few seconds start again, Also some days header downloads would come down at 5 to 20KB/Sec, I got in contact with UNS, Tried different things, But nothing changed, So i went back to newshosting and haven't had any trouble since.

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    I've been using Newshosting for quite some time now, 6+ months, and have speeds in the 700KB/s range. Usually around the 760-780kb/s range, and this is with 8 connections.

    Never had any problems downloading, except that one time I tried to download 32 connections at once, but that's a different story all together

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    i've been using them for a while - no problems


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