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Thread: Lcd Screens Are They Any Good?

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    hi people i hav recently considered getting a lcd screen but i hav heard they are not much good and i have heard they r good
    but wat s ur opinon?

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    my opinion is that they are expensive.

    well, i remember looking at LCDs a year ago, and thinking the picture quality was not so good... but i'm sure they have improved since that time.

    the best thing to do is just go to an electronics store and look at the screens with your own eyes, and decide whether LCDs or old fashioned CRTs look better to you.

    kind of like buying a stereo, you can't rely on other people to tell you what sounds good to your ears, or what looks good to your eyes.

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    IMO the advantages with LCD are that it looks cool and takes up very little space. The picture isn't quite as good as CRT (i think the fade is slower or something), but the difference is pretty minimal. Also some LCD screens have faiirly little maneuverability ie no tilt and very little up down motion. But they do look the business and if I had the money to waste I think I would.

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    LCDs have the advantage of being thin and take up less of your desk space. They look cool too.
    But... They lack in a few areas compared to CRTs.

    They are expensive.
    They are slow and don't respond well for gaming.
    You only get the right brightness if you are right in front of it. At an angle it's dark.
    You don't have as many resolution modes. (in fact very few).
    The pixels sometimes fail so you have little black dots.

    If you have the desk space, get a CRT.

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    LCDs beat CRTs hands down but lose out to plasma.

    Their Super-IPS panels have a massive viewing angle of around 170 and boast incredible response times. And with the Pen-Tile Matrix being developed, technology is being drastically improved.

    At the moment, their screen size is very limited, being the maximum at 37" at Sharp's new model, being released in July.

    If you can afford it, buy it! Don't forget to get a TFT LCD and the only aspect where they lose out to CRTs is at colour contrast.


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