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Thread: Book tracker

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    Anyone know of a good tracker with books? I'm talking a wide selection...not just a few hundred. And all genre's: fiction, non-fiction, history, text books, etc.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Friendly Fire View Post
    second that

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    LearnBits has a lot of ebooks aswell....
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    Actually learnbits used to have more than what they have now. Didnt they have a crash or something? Another good choice is elbitz. They have a wide selection of ebooks.

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    Here are some of the major ones.
    1. BitMe
    2. BitSpyder
    3. LearnBits
    4. Elbitz
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    Thanks everyone.

    I have BitMe, but the book selection is still quite limited for what I'm looking for. How do the other sites mentioned here compare?

    Can I find...say, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer at any of these places?

    I guess I should ask if there are any torrent sites that are like the library? Just masses and masses of books of all kinds and by all authors.

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    Jonathan Safran Foer - Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close [2005/MP3/160]

    It is there in OiNK, as an audiobook, but it hasn't got any seeders. Demonoid also has got a lot of books.

    You may also try ed2k network. They are good for rare files, including books. I found this on ed2k.

    'Foer, Jonathan Safran - Extrem Laut Und Unglaublich Nah' (German)
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    Demonoid has a lot of stuff when it comes to books!

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    Well I'm looking for illustrated books/ magazines related to Interior designing (.pdf format).. can anyone direct me which sites would be best for the same.. have tried in bitme, demonoid and bitspyder without success.. have also tried the ed2k network, unsuccessfully.. have found a limited few in TL, but need the latest international releases

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