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Thread: Reason 2.5

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    Has anybody got the upgrade and have it working yet?

    I'm asking because in Kazaa search, so far, Ive found 3 different file sizes claiming to be this. One is 2.8Mb and doesnt work, another is 3.5Mb (more sources) and another is 520Mb. I'm currently downloading the latter, but have doubts it is what it claims to be. filename is 'Reason 2.5 Upgrade Working!.exe'

    Some really big differences in filesizes there.

    Been looking forward to this reaching filesharing as anyone who's ever used Reason will know that a decent Reverb has been really needed. And the Screamer and Vocoder will be pretty handy too.

    I have a pretty slow connection and will take a few days for the large file to download but will post back if it works.

    ...but in the meantime, if anyone has this upgrade and can tell me what to look out for Id really appreciate it.


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    I've now found and installed. The filesize is 38mb. There does now appear to be several versions on Kazaa but the one Ive got is 'Reason 2.5 FINAL.exe'

    Anyone using Reason should really get this - its superb. At last a top reverb, a vocoder, a great new effect called Screamer, new samples, and other stuff too.

    Now just have to learn the new gear.


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    i've been using the original Reason for a couple o years now.

    just wondering if my files will be compatible with V2 ?

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    hypoluxa3k - you mean, youre using Reason 1.0? You should get v2.0 and then ugrade to 2.5.

    Reason two is easily available from Kazaa. Its a 3 Cd package but you can download each image seperately then burn to disc. There is a set of instructions, a 'HOW To....' that is easily available too. This will tell you which files to download. It will come up in a search for Reason. Well, well worth it. In 2 you get a new graintable synth, a new sampler that is superb for loading and manipulating .wavs etc, and more features in the sequencer. There is also more presets for instruments and a whole cd of orchestral samples.

    Im sure that all your .rsn files etc will be fully compatible with the new versions.

    I highly reccomend getting the newer versions. Its made complete by rewiring into Cubase Sx (or other master sequencer) if you want to record audio - vocals, guitar etc. All files and instructions can be found by search in Kazaa. It just takes time to dl the cd images.



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