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Thread: Running Multiple Os's

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    How do i run multiple operating systems and what software do i need?? thanks in advance

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    U need multiple partitions or multiple hard drives. I think most recent os's (XP and linux) come with some sort of software capable of handling dual boot. if its 2 windows os's install the more recent after the older (eg for win 98 and xp, 98 goes on first then xp) this way most of the time the newer os will detect the older and offer dual boot options automatically. If one of the os's is linux then theres lilo (nearly always included) or grub (not always included) and linux basically assumes your gonna want to dual boot so the options are usually easy to add. If you are installing either win98 or win95 then always install these first as I think they need to appear near the start of the hard drive.

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    sHere are two links that should help you out. Blk Viper's Multiple OS Guide. This gives you a good guidline for installing Linux alongside Windows.

    BitTorrent has the torrents for Red Hat 9.

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    thanx, so basically i just partition my hard drive and then install OS's on each partition if i want to then, i am installing 2k and xp and 2k im running at the moment so if i install a new xp to a partition should it give me boot options when i turn on my computer then automatically and then i just choose what os i want to run.??

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    Thats the way I understand it some info here (though its not too clearly written)

    Basically, back up any really important data. Get partition magic (off kazaa) and then get it to shift all your data to the beginning of your current partition (ie a defrag so that all your free space is at the end of the partition). Then use partition magic to split your current partition into 2 somewhere after where your data ends.
    The new partition can be formatted as either FAT or NTFS as XP supports both, but I'm not certain whether 2k can read NTFS you'd probably know better than me
    Also u might not care that 2k can't read your xp partition, as long as u store all your data (e.g my documents etc) on the 2k partition it should be accessible to both.

    Once thats done install XP and it should boot up with the option of choosing which os. The options of which to boot as default and how long to wait are hidden somewhere, but a quick search of google (for something like: dual boot XP) should tell u where u need to look.

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    thanks a lot you have been very helpful and ill give it a go and let u know. by the way 2K does support NTFS as it nags to upgrade to when u install it, lol.

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    what you need is HyperOs 2002 or need to multiboot just double click on my other computer.Run up to 20 operating systems.2002 is on kazaa, but you have to burn it to a disc and install it from the disc via the install icon,circle with the f inside, not the your usual setup install process.Or check this out

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