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Thread: Dreamweaver and Zonealarm

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    Hi Guys

    I have just started using Dreamweaver.

    When I go to upload my files to my ISP nothing happens !

    If I disable my Zonealarm, then my files get uploaded !

    Why does Zonelarm not warn me that I am trying to upload files ? rather than just nothing happening ?

    And how can I tell Zonelarm to let me upload files to my ISP ?

    Do I have to treat my ISP like a Zone or network and enter some zone numbers?



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    I would imagine zonealarm has asked you before if its o.k to let dreamweaver use the internet and you said no. have a look through the applications list and see if its there and allow it.

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    yep i agree

    personally i think zone alarm is a resource eater, i've installed NOD32, really lightweight and cheap if you buy it

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    got into the prefs of zone alarm and set it as allowed access

    are you using DW to upload?


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