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Thread: How Can I Run This Movie?

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    download the K-lite Codec Pack (

    download the Full version, for your movie you must install this codec: 'Ligos'

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    looking at the frame rate id say the quality will be too bad to watch

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    Mr. IKE,

    While I'm installing the full K-Lite Codec package, I got these se7en windows:

    With each one, I pressed "ignore" button. After that, I tried to run the movie with BSplayer, and I got a message says:" This application has failed to start becuase vorbis.dll was not found. Re-installing application may fix this prolem". And then I pressed "OK" button, to get another message which says: "Unknown file format (IV31)".


    Mr. davt100, don't worry, this is because the movie is not completed yet, wait a min! do you think this is the reason?! I don't think so, do you?

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    Will anyone help?

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    Originally posted by moh@29 May 2003 - 23:45
    Will anyone help?

    What you are trying to do is install the codec pack over the top of your currently installed codecs. You need to remove (start>control panel>add/remove programs) your existing codecs before installing the k-lite pack.

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    Gspot says you are missing 20.2 mb from the file...
    but u still can watch it with avipreview or u can reuild the index with divfix.
    but first u need the indeo codec. so here: Indeo 3.1
    install it, and try to watch it with avi preview, or any other player.
    try it and let me know how it goes.

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    *What currently installed codec do you mean Tyke?

    *I did install Indeo 3.1 codec, eventhough, the movie did not work using avipreview. It gives this message:

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    Try virtualdub or Divfix to repair any corrupt files if not your on your own

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    you have to uninstall all codec's before installing K-lite codecpack make sure that you reboot after deleting all codecs!

    AVIpreview is not a good program there are much better media players try Videolan!

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