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    i have a question about the rise of nations iso no kazaa.

    the info of the game i am downloading(i have not added the hash from this board.i just made a search and i got this game)

    title:rise of nations full iso
    filename:rise_of_nations - shareactor.exe

    now i have this question will it work on zone????

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    Originally posted by vegeta@28 May 2003 - 10:39

    now i have this question will it work on zone????
    No it has a ingame server powered my game spy

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    Yeah, you can play it on gamespy. It doesn't even check for CD-Key. I'm using a CD-Key from K-Lite and online works great. When you go to multiplayer it will automaticly update itself. Your CD won't work to get into the game after that. You will have to get this no CD crack after you upgrade the game then you can play with no CD and the upgrade works.

    Here's some mirrors:


    It's 2.2 MB

    1. Rename nations.exe in your Rise of Nations directory to nations.exe.bak
    2. Open the zip file and extract nations.exe to your Rise of Nations directory.
    3. Play!

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    hey guys i am asking for zone not gamespy

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    Originally posted by vegeta@29 May 2003 - 08:06
    hey guys i am asking for zone not gamespy
    remember this all the game that is not from orignal CD & valid CD key is can not play in the Zone.

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    I don't think you can play it on the zone even with a valid cd-key.

    It is simply not supported by the was made for gamespy, luckely enogh for the people that don't purchase it.

    These are the game that you can play on the zone (the ones that require a cd, which this would):
    Zone CD Required Games


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