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Thread: Bookworld FAQ

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    Feel free to add on what I might have missed in my delirium.

    Various File Formats You May Come Across

    .rtf - "Rich Text Format" This is one of the main types of files you'll
    likely come across, as any word processor can open it, and most
    of the structure remains intact.
    .pdf - You'll need Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these up. Also very commonly used.
    .txt - Plain text file. No fancy formating here.
    .doc - Microsoft Word Document. Depending on the version, it may be able
    to be opened with Microsoft Works.
    .lit - These are usually used by people who have Tablet PCs, Palm Pilots, etc. I've never personally used one.
    .htm - These usually have hyperlinks for fast accessibility to certain
    passages. Opens in a browser.

    About Reading E-Books on Palm Pilot by JPaul

    I use CSpotRun to read these, this is able to read *.prc files. Those who own a Palm or similar will know what that means.

    I use a program called MakeDocW to convert *.txt files to *.prc. This works really well and is simple to use. However if you are using xp it needs to run the prog in compatability mode.

    It's a free download you can get it at:

    If the book I want is not in *.txt format I use word to open the file and then convert it to *.txt. MakeDocW then converts to *.prc and I can install on the Palm.

    As the files are not very big this is all very quick and easy.

    Standard Labeling of eBook Files

    Well, there are actually quite a few standards for labeling eBook files. One really isn't any better than the other. This is QuietSilence!'s method, because I'm too lazy to write out mine.


    (Authour Last Name) (First Name) (Initials) - (Series and #) - (Title)

    Card, Orson Scott - Ender's Saga 1 - Ender's Game.txt


    (Collection Name) - (Authour Last Name) (First Name) (Initials) - (Series and #) - (Title)

    Dragonlance - Weis, Margaret & Hickman, Tracy - Legends Vol 1 - Time of the Twins.rtf


    (Subject) - (Collection) - (Authour Last Name) (First Name) (Initials) - (Series and #) - (Title)

    RPG - AD&D - 2nd ed Complete Set of 26 Books.pdf

    Reading eBooks

    Just a list of programs that can be used to read eBooks.

    .pdf - Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Acrobat Reader
    .lit - Microsoft Reader
    .txt - YPager, Notepad, Wordpad, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works
    .rtf - Notepad, Wordpad, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works
    .htm - IE, Netscape, Opera

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    Excellent !

    Thank you MagicNakor, now we just need to get this pinned.

    Also, ppl are sharing eBooks in Soulseek, a good source to dl musik/books.
    There's a couple pinned topics about SoulSeek


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    Thanks ,very useful info !
    Agree that this might be pinned.

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    Good idea and yes, this should be pinned

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    Your wish is my command.......

    An It Harm None, Do What You Will

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    Originally posted by Rat Faced@30 May 2003 - 09:15
    Your wish is my command....... surprising.Rat Faced following what a Female Member wants.

    Go here Rat.....I am sure they could use your opinion.

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    You do realise that your accusing ToraBoraDweller & Guitar-Slinger of being female too???

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    Originally posted by Curley@30 May 2003 - 18:51
    You do realise that your accusing ToraBoraDweller & Guitar-Slinger of being female too???
    Are you 100% sure R_F & F_C are GUYS ?

    (yes my avatar may confuse ppl)

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    hmmmmmmmm............ now come to think of it........................

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    ....riiight, moving back to topic again...

    I took the liberty to Copy/Paste from The Facemans post, as it will sunk in the
    depths of threads, but it will forever last as pinned.
    Woah, maybe i shouldnt try to talk like that....

    Adobe Reader v.6 is out. it has some cool features, should interest peeps with eBooks. TY The Faceman.

    Im happy this thread got pinned. All Hail to MagicNakor.

    Book-Slinger too

    pst, get yourself a SoulSeeking app and join us in KLF-BookWorld for some serious downloading,
    all the books and albums just sitting and waiting there....
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