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Thread: please help me

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    my internet speed is 2.5mb so when i download a torrent in the azureus the menimum speed is 250kb .
    but something happened before a week , i wanted to download a torrent from oink with high seedrs but i don't know what happened the downspeed in the azureus was so low it didn't reach 20kb .
    so please help me to fix this problem

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    if that happened with all torrents is because your ISP make to you traffic shapping. So configure in azureus encrytion options to RC4 and in the last 3 check boxes check the second and third and uncheck the first

    PM me if that works
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    or that was the highest possible speed you could get based on the number of ppl on the torrent, or the boogeyman is gonna get you

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    Just because it shows 20 peers on the site also doesnt mean youll connect to that many people.

    Sometimes if people have their client set on pause it still registers them as seeding depending on the client they are using.
    Also they could have had their client set with a capped outgoing speed.
    Or 19 of them could have been non-connectable to you for whatever reason.

    Nothing is ever defnate in torrenting. Just cause it shows 20 peers doesnt mean youll get anymore speed on that torrent than on a torrent with 1 peer.


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