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    are there any good and easy to use website creators? I have tried Macromedia Studio MX but that's too complicated, I need something very easy to use. I have also got FrontPage 2000. Is there anything else?

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    learn basic html

    you can create a decent site in notpad if you know how.

    htmlgodies the primers there are pretty nice.

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    R U MAD!!!? code in note pad is never used anymore. You would have to spend hours learning the code. Front page is very easy, but no flexibility and seems to produce very simalar pages from one site to the next. Dreamweaver MX is my choice, its not complecated!!! its just editing a word document kind of, with loads (and LOADS) of cool time saving and extra features. If you look at almost every proffessional site they use Dreamweaver MX (part of studio MX by the way if you didnt know)

    The hardest part is setting up the FTP etc but there are always instructions with your server. I really would advise Dreamweaver mate, nothing really compares. If you do need to edit the HTML then dreamweaver makes that very easy too.

    Anything easier would be using an online template, there are some ok ones but you cant do anything with the site.

    hope your site is a success, have fun!

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    I'm a frontpage user- and heres why. For what I do, its all I need. My website was written in xhtml meaning no complex tables and no graphics. You could also use Flash MX if thats your bag. Dreamweaver is excellent if you want to do complex nesting, CSS etc.

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    I totally agree that notepad (or UltraEdit - a better text editor) are the best choice.

    R U MAD!!!? code in note pad is never used anymore.  You would have to spend hours learning the code.
    Well, i thought so too a couple years ago... until i finally decided to learn HTML. I got myself a book that's used in schools and learned just about everything there is to know about HTML (not XML, DHTML, etc.) in less than a week. It took a little longer to learn JavaScript and i don't know it nearly as well as HTML, however, it's still easy enough to understand, especially if you're ever coded in C++. Basically, HTML is really very easy, just get a good guide.

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    yes HTML is great and everything, i know HTML too and there is nothing to stop you inserting it using dreamweaver, in fact u can use use the code on its own if you want. I insert scripts that I have learnt or found all the time. The things that make dreamweaver better are the extras, time saving. Why spend hours writing out long script just to change paragraph for example? If you need to insert some code then its still very easy. The chages can then be seen and compared easily.

    Also, no irritating code corrections need to be made eg typing errors etc. I know there are programs for that but why bother from the start?

    Why would the pros use it if a note pad or simple editor was better anyway?

    Im sure its just your prefrence, whatever is most comfortable, quick and effective to each individual.

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    When I first learnt HTML 4.0 all those years ago, I always used to write out my sites in Notepad. Since then, my sites have become a lot more complex, with lots of nested tables, which can become quite a mess when your coding by hand. So, iI use DW MX- purely because it saves me time.

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    dreamweaver mx here, pretty good, and quite alotta stuff u can do wi it too

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    frontpage is good... i use both that and dreamweaver but mostly NOTEPAD!!! BEST SHITTT!! LOL

    umm i learned html by neopets ...

    neopets had this thing called a shop where you get to make fancy by using html to fix up the page...

    so thatz when i started learning html in 7th grade...

    2 years later >> my homepage


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