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Thread: Few Windows Tricks I Like To Ask

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    1. how do you make your IE or explore show the status bar everytime you open it? mine dont show the status bar unless i go to VIEW>STATUSBAR every time i use internet explorer

    2. how do you make your IE or explore or any other programs open as Maximized window?

    thanks for the help in advance

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    1) Don't know, but i'm sure you can edit the registry, just look for a toolbar string under IE or something... although it's not easy to find

    2) You create a shortcut to the prog, click 'properties' then instead of 'Normal Window' select 'Maximized'

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    Make the internet explorer window look like you want it.

    Now hold the shift button and right-click on the IE tab in the taskbar and select close.

    Now it should remember all settings such as window position, size, etc.


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