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    Hello All,

    Ok I just downloaded Final Destination 2(avi) and Darkness Falls(avi). I split them into two parts(part 1&2 for both movies) so they would fit on to cd. Then burnt them as a VCD, Ok this is were I get messed up becouse the movies burnt fine but one thing they are upside down and backwards and I got no clue how to fix this, Plz help.

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    Encode it with TMPEGEnc into MPEG1 first, and then use Nero to burn that MPEG1 into VCD.
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    You probably burnt using Nero...from time to time it does that very thing, making the films upside down and backward, you man want to try using 120% Alcohol for your burning needs instead.

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    I never did that. I just straight burnt it from a avi. so thanks

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    dude, spent $100 (at most) on a vid card wit TV-out, qaulty is way better than VCd


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