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    I am looking for game creation software that is easy to use and that do not require extensive programming knowledge or that is easy to learn.

    I am interested in creating RPG programs (Final Fantasy), action games (syphon filter, Resident Evil, etc.), strategy games (Civilization, and et al.

    Any software suggestions would, of course, be highly appreciated.


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    u say u wont a simply program to make a rpg like final fanastasy but didnt u no they take upto 3 or more urs to complete

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    Obviously I am not going to create something as advanced as Final Fantasy or any of the other games listed, but a simpler version. I want something that has shortcuts to programming. For example, Microsoft Frontpage and Macromedia Dreamweaver allows one to create professional web pages without knowing HTML or any other web programming language.

    What I would like is something that simplifies the whole process like the program: Game Maker.

    Does anyone know any good programs or where to start. I am also checking GOOGLE.

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    For rpg's I use rpg maker 2000 its really simple but the graphics are only 2D (think FF6)

    It comes with a sample game and help for every aspect of making an rpg
    including monsters, items, hero's and vehicles. No programming knowledge required.

    File: RPG Maker 2000.exe
    Length: 26337280 Bytes,25720KB
    UUHash: =DEeQLrEuakpG4RMKFPhaIeAdEtE=

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    Thanks for the hash budgetboy,

    If you need anything from me let me know.

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    u could always try a5 gamestudio by conitec ...?

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    This is an old thread.. hehe anywya..
    have u tried The 3D Game creator.. itīs easy to use.. I dowloaded it from emule.. but it didnt work.. so if u know some softwrae.. pls tell me.. where to get it.. thanx

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    there's something called FPS Creator (reviewed on CGW)
    look for it on google

    it's not free, sadly

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    ive seen many ppl use rpg maker i think it makes crappy games but i guess it depends on the skill of the guy who makes the game.


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