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Thread: Newsleecher:setting up usernet server

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    I'm new to Newsleecher, read lots of guides, really confused!

    Downloaded newslecher and installed. Even found what NZB files are, and downloaded one ready to go.

    Now, when i click connect, it says i need to set up usernet server profile. All the guides i read didnt show this, or skimmed it.

    Can you help. I know i need to go to >usernet/manager/servers/add new server, but no idea what to do.

    Please help....

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    this is what i used to set it up initially....this is what confused things. Cheers though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RealitY View Post
    When you've installed your client you will be asked for your News addy.
    You can get this from your ISP (not all ISP support News) or try searching at or

    NOTE: If your ISP dosent have Usenet access you will have to get a payserver for access.
    The best for the money is NewsHosting which has an unlimited plan for $14.95 per month.
    They are very reliable and have near perfect uptime along with great retention.

    If you signup with NewsHosting you can support
    the site here at FST by using our refferal link at

    With NewsDemon you can use PayPal and support
    the site here at FST by using our refferal link at


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