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Thread: Bandwidth/download Speed Query

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    Hey all. Posted this query in "Questions", but I thought I'd give it a go in here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Been using Kazaalite for the past few months. My connection was 512kbps until today, it was upgraded to 1500kbps. When I had the 512kbps connect, the returns on my searches were maxed out with people with a bandwidth of 416, so my download speeds were never above 50kb/s. Now with the new connection I have, it is still showing returns with bandwidth maximums of 416. Shouldn't this increase on Kazaalite or does it need to be done manually? My download speeds should increase as I have friends with the same connect getting 125-150 k/s.

    If anyone knows what I am talking about, any help would be appreciated. Take care.

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    Your actual download speed using Kazaa has more to do with the user(s) you're downloading from(i.e. their K-Lite settings), which supernode you are connected to, ping rate, etc.
    Having a fast connection yourself is just a part of it. But it does help.


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