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Thread: removing norton

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    I have norton antivirus 2006 on my system and it expires in 4 days so Iam trying to get it off my system.I then was going to reinstall it using another serial but the damn program keeps finding the old serial number and reminding me I have 4 days left.Heres what I tried so far,I unistalled it through my control panel,ran the norton removal tool I got from their site,I then downloaded this program ,SymNRT.exe.I ran that ,then ran this,SYMMSICLEANUP.reg,then this,MSIFIX.bat.When I finished rebooted ,loaded norton again and when I thought I had it ,up pops the old serial number already loaded and 4 days to expiry.There must be a way to get rid of that old serial.Any help would be great.thanks

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    make sure you use a registry cleaner and remove any entry related to Symantec.

    Try Regcleaner:

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    Don't leave it till the last day have something on hand like a free one at least . I think it will still work ,Norton just won't update which is kind of pointless for virus protection .

    Word of advice get a Corp. version next time , like Symantec Client Security .

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    Quote Originally Posted by peat moss View Post
    Word of advice get a Corp. version next time , like Symantec Client Security .
    Or something non Symantec and since woody64 has mentioned an AntiVirus only, not a security suite, I suggest NOD32.


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