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Thread: Burning a PS2 ISO to DVD 5 - Something's Wrong!

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    Hey guys just downloaded G-D of War II thanks to the NZB posted here on filesharing talk. Anyways, it downloaded fine, no problems, and the ISO extracted fine. When I try to burn it with DVD Decrypter however, it says that the file is too large for the disc - too many sectors. What is the problem here? Does G-D Of War II need to be burned onto a DVD 9? If so, I'll run out and buy a couple, but is there another way? Can you compress a large ISO to a DVD 5? Thanks in advance!

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    I do think you are going to have to run out and buy a dvd9..I would suggest verbatim as there is none better for quality for dvd9

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    Thanks. Yeah I assumed that G-d Of War II, being the big game and all, would need a dual layer/DVD 9 disc. Thanks for the help!


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