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Thread: Opera 6.11 Vs Opera 7.11

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    Wich one ?do you have any ideea ? the differences ?ps(its 6.06 version not 6.11)

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    i dont really know what the differences are but i use 7.11 and dont have no problems with it

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    I usually go with the later versions unless I have a problem with it.

    My suggestion: Try 7.11, and if you don't like it, return to 6.06.
    That's the only real way you'll know which is better for you.

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    My experience Opera 6.xx was way too unstable on my sys. Junked it after a couple days. Ah Opera 7 right away I loved. Right now I sticking with 7.03. Tried 7.10 & some preferences didn't work for me. I'm happy w/7.03 wo java, added java rte myself. I think I'll wait till 8.0. Hope this helps & thanks again for the help you gave me a while ago. If you need similar help w/Opera pm me sharedholder.

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    THANKS .

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    7 is kickass


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