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    I just had a virus scare. My computer would load Windows XP and them puff, turn itself off. What I did was turn it on again and press the F10 key. A black screen appear where I could choose a different mode or something like that. The point is that I was able to load Windows and as soom as I did, my anti-virus informed me there was a Trojan. Well, the rest is history. Everything works fine now.

    The Trojan I got was:

    Some might think this is off topic, but file sharing does increase the risk of getting viruses so that’s why I put this message here, as a reality check.

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    That's why everybody should have an up-to-date virusscanner.

    Not downloading any small suspious executables helps too. Just don't download any small software from Kazaa. Use official websites + big crack websites for that.

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    Heh if you see something that is the keygen/crack of all time and you can't believe it's actually out there on k-lite, it probably isn't. Same goes with games actually. A reputable irc channel is also another option in terms of finding legitimate stuff.

    Mind you, I have yet to get anything nasty off k-lite myself, though my paranoia probably helps too...

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