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Thread: Enter The Matrix

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    Hi, i installed ETM fine, but when i go to play the game it wont load, i just get the resolution screen thingy, then i press play and nothing happens, any solutions????

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    Did you apply the nocd .exe file?

    There is a patch for the game, install it and replace the .exe fie with the nocd .exe. Not sure if this will help you, worth a try. What type of video card do you have?
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    Trident Video Accelerator Blade 3D/ProMedia, i dont get any error messages or anything the game just wont load, i need help , thanks guys

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    now its sayin full screen mode not available, any ideas???

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    open MatrixConfig in the matrix directory
    Change FullScreen to 0

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    i have the same problem too, and i turned Fullscreen Mode to 0, but now when i run it, it says "Windowed Mode not found." doesn anybody have any suggestions?

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    yeah same here now , come on must be a solution, plzzzzzzzz

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    come on, anyone plzzzzzzzzzz

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    still no one??????

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    might aswell uninstall the sodin game then, if no one can help

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