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Thread: Sims 7 In 1

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    Gutted, i spent ages d/ling sims 7 in 1 to finally install and realise that the game is in chinese/jap. does anyone know how i could get it to work with english text!!!

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    if you look around a few pages you will find out how

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    hi i got the same prob i looked for like 2 hours now and still cant find the solution how to change sims 7 in 1 to english.......thanxs

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    ok you guys are lazy

    do a search on this forum for sims 7 in 1 and if your too fucking lazy to do that go back a few pages and youll see how to do it

    jesus does your mom and dad still have to dress you losers?

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    NO i have sorted the problem after my first post and I dont get my mum or Dad to dress me,I dress my own kids.....not all k-lite users are sad pre-pubecent teenagers living with mum and dad you know!!!!

    Lay off the attitude mate,nobody likes a leery idiot!

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    what do I put here? BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    so what my mum and dad dress myself

    so what bad about it you should admit it

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    hey i had the game before and i had the same problem and i went to went all the way down and went to the suprnova chat in mirc and i asked someone and they told me how to change it its just that i forgot so srry hope u find out how to do it....

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    dude there's a english fix at Suprnova DOwnload it there! haha but another 2 gigs of downlaod! ahaha

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    stupid double post

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