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Thread: God Of War 2 + Swap Magic 3.6

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    Has anyone found a way to play the God of War 2 (DVD9) release with Swap Magic 3.6?

    I'm currently "eating" Forum after Forum searching for an answer.

    The more promising solution seems to be to rip the DVD9 and burn it as a DVD5.
    Haven't read everything but it seems that movies etc, will be kept out.

    List of Tools you might need:
    > gnie has released a plugin for God of War 2 (You can find it here)
    > DVD Decrypter
    > CDvdGen
    > Toxics Patcher
    > Apache2
    > IsoBuster
    > CD/DVD Gen 2.0

    (I'll update this topic as I go along)
    Good luck. (I'm getting desperate really want to play this game)
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    you should say if you have a fat or slim ps2.

    If you have the fat model, then you could use hdloader. Way better than swap stuff. But of course if you have a slim.. you should look to ps2-scene forums into the swap magic section. I'm quite sure someone else than you, had the same problem.

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    My PS2 is a fat one.
    I all ready have Swap Magic. I'm not going to waste any more money on this one. I'm saving to buy the PS3.
    Every I spend now is a delay of 1 day/week/month to my PS3

    PS2-scene is currently changing servers Won't have any luck there.
    I'll have to find a way somewhere else.

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    i think you should for a dvd5 release.if you don't have much knowledge about ripping games you may just waste your time.gow2 is the most waited game on ps2 (or one of them) so, be sure that it won't take long to be ripped to dvd5...

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    Dammit i didnt even know god of war 2 was released....part one was awesome. If you had a built in mod chip i think it would not cause problems. The swap magic is a pain in the butt.
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    Yep. Didn't have any problems with any game before. This DVD9 is the real pain in the ass


    svtstang, from AfterDawn has made a Tutorial on how to end up with a 3.7GB ISO and not loosing any of the videos. The videos will, however, have a worst quality.

    Oh wow, you really did it huh? How "poopy" is the video quality? Is it like a little pixelated or HOLY JEEZUS THIS SUCKS LOL.
    you might ask

    > He says:
    It is pretty damn pixalated, but not to the point where you do not want to play.



    toxic dual layer patch (maybe not, but i used it)
    gnie's expert 2 and GOW 2 plugin
    apache 2 or 3 (I can up this later)
    pss downsampler (you might need visual basic also)
    cd dvdgen 2.0 (I can up this later)
    iml2iso (I can up this later)
    zerofile.dll (quick google search away)

    I decided to up all of these tools, which can be found here
    xpert2 can be found in the ROGUE rar.

    And here we go

    This is how I ripped it. I dummied .psw files (widescreen tv files) to suit my needs. If you have a nice tv, you will be doing exactly what I say but doing it to .pss files instead.

    1. Stick the zerofile.dll in you windows-system32 file, it will be needed later. Patch the iso with the toxic patch. Simple as opening the patcher app, selecting the DVD9, and hitting ok.

    2. Open up apache, open the iso, extract everything to a folder on your desktop named GOW (trust me, just do it)

    3. With that done, go to start-run-cmd. If your comp is like me, you will need to type "cd desktop" without the quotes to get to desktop. After that, type "cd GOW" to get to that folder. Now type "copy /b part1.pak + part2.pak new-part1.pak" no quotes. This will merge the two pak files. This will take a while, leave the comp alone when it is working.

    4. Install expert2. Now, open the PS2_GOW2_pak_toc.rar (it's in the tools .rar) and copy the file to Plug-In folder where you installed expert2.
    Open up expert2, choose the GOW2 plugin. For big file, (1) choose, and (2) GODOFWAR.TOC for the table file. (3) MAKE SURE YOU SELECT THE TRUMPENT SOUND OR THINGS WILL GO BAD. Hit (4) extract lba, then when that is done (5) hit extract files.

    5. Now open up pssdown. Go through the folder that contains all the extracted .pak data, and select all the .pss files, there are 42. With them all highlighted, drag them into the pssdown box. We will do this three times with the same files.
    1.Set the downsample rate at 30%
    2.Set the downsample rate at 60%
    3.Set the downsample rate at 50%

    (Errors you might find:
    > "Component activeskin ocx not registered"
    Don't forget to copy the ACTIVESKIN.OCX in th .rar file to your \Windows\system32 folder

    "Error 339: MSComCt2.ocx NOT correctly registered"
    Install this file: MSCom Update file.)

    This is going to take sometime, so take a shot, smoke a cig, do whatever you do best. This will make the .pss files around 800 megs.

    6. This is where that zerofile .dll comes in. Now go back to the same folder, and select all .psw files. They are always by its respective pss file. Highlight all 38, right click, then hit the dummy file option.

    7. Now open up xpert 2 w/ the GOW2 plugin, same big and table files, and hit rebuild files. You will have a new pak file names new-new-part1.pak. When that is done, hit rebuild lba. See this isnt that bad eh?

    8. Go into the GOW folder, and delete the original part1 and part2.pak files, and new-part1.pak file. With those out of the way, rename new-new-part1.pak to PART1.PAK.

    9. Open wordpad, press space once, then save as PART2.PAK If the file is being recognized as a txt file, put the file in a folder, go to tools-folder options-view and uncheck the hide extensions on known files box, now you can delete the .txt extension. After you do, retick the box.

    10. Delete the GODOFWAR.TOC that you originally extracted with apache, and rename NEW-GODOFWAR.TOC to GODOFWAR.TOC

    11. Open up cd dvdgen, choose dvd rom master disk, and put the files in the prog in this order (dont mind the lba crap, i copied and pasted)

    0000000281 , \SYSTEM.CNF
    0000000282 , \SCUS_974.81
    0000001320 , \IOPRP300.IMG
    0000001456 , \SIO2MAN.IRX
    0000001460 , \SMPD.IRX
    0000001486 , \989NOMID.IRX
    0000001574 , \DBCMAN.IRX
    0000001582 , \DS1O_S1.IRX
    0000001587 , \DS2U_D.IRX
    0000001593 , \LIBSD.IRX
    0000001608 , \MC2_D.IRX
    0000001618 , \MC2_S1.IRX
    0000001628 , \SIO2D.IRX
    0000001634 , \GODOFWAR.TOC
    0000001654 , \PART1.PAK
    blahblahbl , PART2.PAK

    Now hit the volume tab, enter SCUS 97481 for the disk name, playstation for the producer name, and america for the region. With that done, go to file-export iml, name to whatever the hell you want and save to the GOW folder.

    12. Open IML2ISO, open the iml you just made, and hit the make iso button. Wait a few minutes, there is your iso! If you did what I said, it will be 3.97 gigs.

    13. Burn

    There you go folks, what we have for GOW2. Again, big thanks to umaxxel, gnie, and the folks at alucard

    (The original Tutorial is located here)
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    Nevermind this topic.
    There's a torrent in almost every tracker now with a God of War 2 DVD5 release.


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    Crap I downloaded the DVD9 version burnt it and the disc wont play my PS2 laser scrapes the surface since the disc is thicker

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    i have torrent now very speed God of War 2dvd


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