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Thread: Sims Unleased Time Freeze

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    hi i just installed sism unleased over hotdate and now after u click on a plat and about u start game play the time freezes like tute time freezes at 7:00 and no sims move or do anything. even new lot and new family doesnt chnage that.

    bottom line time doesnt move and neither does the buy and build buttons get enabled. like stuck.
    game doesnt crash and u can safely exit.

    i searched this problem b4 too but even then i found no solution but found a lot of ppl who had this problem.

    any of u if u found the solution cud u help me



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    Does this problem has no fix or is it that nobody is good damm nice enough to post the solution.

    and i have the original cds so dont say that coz u dont have the original cds. though my hotdate version is pirated.


    hopefully some one wud post a reply or atleast say they had the same problem


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    Uh...I think I've had that problem before.

    Restarting usually worked.

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