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Thread: Win Xp Question

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    I would just like to know if my system will be ok with WIN XP Pro also i am going to keep my old OS win98se:

    512mb RAM
    60gb HD
    AMD Athlon XP1800+
    Jetway Motherboard

    I will also prob keep my Win98Se on to and hav an option to load what win I prefer.


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    your sys will run perfect with xp.

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    Quick answer -Yes But, and you knew there was a but, if you want to make your drives NTFS you will have to format the drives when you install. NTFS has tremendous advantages over FAT32 namely stability and speed. So if you are going to upgrade, back up your data and do a fresh install.

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    You should have NO problem at all, with those specs
    I run Xp on a 633mhz, 128ram machine, and it works fine. Just a little slower than what is
    usually deemed "acceptable".

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    Thanks all so i cant put the Cd and tell it i want to keep the old os and use both? am new to this stuff lol...i no a little lol..

    And is it easy to make my drives NTFS?

    Thanks again

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    win98 won't work on NTFS so you need to make partitions

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    Again thanks all am away now to look up how to partition my HD.

    Thanks again


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