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Thread: Problem with TB

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    Feb 2007
    whenever i'm trying to sign up at TB i need to enter a image code first,
    then i get to a page when a enter my details and there's another image got which i need to enter, but then , there's a sign up button which is disabled.

    why is it?

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    They only allow a certain amount of registered users...
    Once some users are purged from the system new users can signup.
    If you try when the limit is reached it wont work.

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    They also have a time delay on the sign up button, maybe that is it?

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    Whenever I try to sign up for torrentbytes it takes me like 10 tries to get both of the images right, then I have to wait a minute for the register button to pop up. Finally I click the button and guess what... I typed my password incorrectly or forgot to click off one of the boxes and I have to do it all over again. On the rare occasion that every thing works out perfectly I am given the message that I haven't read the faq (wtf?). I have read the faq. After trying desperately for about 10 minutes, someone takes the empty space and I'm left without an account. I still don't have one after a couple months. I already hate them and I haven't even joined.

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    This had happened with me also the first time I tried to register. Registering on TB is a headache. You need a microscope to decipher their security code.
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    Yeah It took me like 10 tries to finally get pass the security code when I registered.

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    it says i have to contact staff for my ip to be added so i can signup... ???


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