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Thread: xbox 360 issues!

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    I was just thinking maybe someone can give me thier opinion on what the problem could be with my Xbox 360.

    Everything was working perfectly fine until one day i bought a old xbox star wars game which required a update to the xbox 360 in order to play it, so i went ahead and updated. 2 days later my xbox shows the red ring of death and shuts down. it continued to do this for about a week or so then it stopped for a month and just a few days ago it happened again. Now my question is could it have been the update to the star wars game that did this? Is there any way to roll back or delete this update or format the drive without opening the xbox?

    Now i don't think it is a overheating issue since almost all overheating issues with the xbox 360 shows white vertical lines or some type of white lines on the tv when it crashes. mine just shuts off then i turn it on rings of death show, i restart and everything works great.

    Thanks in advance

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    Call Microsoft. I never heard of a 360 problem like that.


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