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Thread: how to make moving avatars

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    hi, is there a software people can recommend me to make moving avatars. Ive seen loads of funky avatars, and I wanna have a go at making one, Any help appreciated, Kammi

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    I don't know of a specific software, but the moving avatars you're talking about are animated GIF files. google it, and you'll find something for sure.

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    You can also use ImageReady, which is bundled with Photoshop.

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    thanks for the reponses.
    Will try the various softwares mentioned by shadowfire and 100%.
    Seems like the right place to start.


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    if you have adobe photoshop it will be enough, look up for tutorials via google , you will find a lot of them.

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    I know one program which can make movie avatar. This is VideoUserpic Simple and quickly.
    Simple avatar can make in photoshop.
    I hope it will help you.
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