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Thread: Dvd Release

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    Anyone know when the DVDs are released?

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    Keep the Matrix stuff in one thread. No one knows the DVD release date.
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    little before revolutions is out probably a week or 2

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    why but it then when a year later you could probably buy the Boxed set

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    geeze people!!! we dont know!!!!! thats like asking when the sun will burn out

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    Well actually the sun is about half way through its life span right having burnt for about 4.5 billion years. So the sun will burn out in approx 5 billion years.

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    I think the release for reloaded is the 28th of november or some time around there because the the matrix revolutions comes out 1-2 weeks after the release of the dvd

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    ???? But,,, matrix revolutions is out 5th of november!

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    I could be wrong but im sure reloaded comes out at the end of november

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    i think it will come out after the imax version's release


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