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Thread: Offering O**k inv

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    Hi people.

    1 invite of the above tracker will go to the first person that complies with the next:

    *3 Ratio screenshots, 1 being of a music tracker, today's date.

    *Must be at least 6 months member in FST with at least 50 forum posts.

    *Must appreciate the gesture and music


    = [ that's how i feel in here sometimes}

    well? Too many asked for one, here it is.

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    I'm interested, but:
    *I'm new to torrenting. I share everything I D/L though - and really need Oink to get some new releases (ie, Modest Mouse's New Album). As for screenshots, I don't have any because I've been using sites like, and only recently got on TL.
    *I've only been a member of FST for 2 months.
    *I do, however, appreciate the gesture and music.

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    danelna's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +25BT Rep +25BT Rep +25BT Rep +25BT Rep +25
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    i so need oink and i have all what U asq 4 but i dont have a screen of site music cause i have just vipmsic and i get it yestrday so pls pm and give me oink can give U other ratios thx!!

    i so want flac songs!~!!


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