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Thread: Can you recommend a graphics card?

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    Hello, currently I have a Geforce FX 5500 and after seeking advice about another problem, this could be the reason why my games stutter so to speak.

    So I am looking for a better graphics card which will last a while and be able to handle pretty much whatever I throw at it in the way of games.

    Are there any compatibility issues I should worry about? Also would it be better to get it shipped from abroad?

    I am not made of money unfortunately so I am looking for something that is reasonably cheap.

    Cheers, 3lions

    System Specs:

    Its an Advent T9100 3.2E GHz

    Pentium 4 Processor

    512mb DDR

    I dunno what else you'd need to know.
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    there's a lot u have to take in consideration. how much do u wanna spend? do u want to play dx10 games? if so u'll be doing a lot more upgrading than u thought. if not, then i'd just upgrade to this.
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    I wouldnt spend too much money on a graphics card mate your bottlenecked with the RAM with all new games.

    If your talking brand new games you need about 2 gig to get them running smooth as a babys butt.

    Slightly older 1's like Doom 3 and Half Life 2 would do well with around a gig too but should be OK with half a gig at lower settings.

    What games have you got in mind and how much you looking to spend?

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    Need to know if the physical slot on the motherboard is AGP or PCI-express.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markyp23 View Post
    Need to know if the physical slot on the motherboard is AGP or PCI-express.
    He did say he has an Advent T9100:

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    If you want a video card that's going to last a while, you might want to upgrade to a system that has PCI-E slots. AGP has gone the way of the dodo, though there are still some reasonably high end cards out.

    The trouble with buying a high end AGP now though is that when you upgrade your computer, you're going to have to buy a new video card again, because the motherboard won't have AGP slots.

    You can get a decent computer these days for <$600 + $video card. If you just want to stick with your computer and buy an AGP video card, you should probably just get something like a 7600GS($100) or 7600GT($150), as well as another 512mb($30) or 1gb($60) of ram.

    I'm not sure what prices are like in the UK though.

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    The most powerful AGP graphics card at date it the Radeon X1950PRO. It'll set you back about $220 USD. It puts up numbers that mirror it's PCI-E counterpart.

    The only draw back to the card is that it is very power hungry.
    You'll need 30+ amps on a single rail powersupply, or 22+amps on a dual rail.
    This card could keep an APG system alive and current for another year or two.

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    Dont spend much if its AGP. Go for a 6600GT until you upgrade the whole pc.

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    which card is best to use for rendering in Autodesk Maya

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morphy666 View Post
    Dont spend much if its AGP. Go for a 6600GT until you upgrade the whole pc.
    The 6600GT is now the 7600GT, isn't it?

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