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Thread: Mcafee Spam Killer

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    Recently installed spam killer 4.0 and decided to uninstall. I did all the things you're suppose to through add/remove programs...Thing is still there. When i go to my computer under the C: drive there is a big letter M (McAfee Logo) which has also been renamed Online VirusScan and when i try to access the c: drive I get a prompt asking if i want to Install Spam Killer. I'm not sure all what to do to rid my system..don't want to reformat or reinstall windows. any help would be appreciated. Thanks in Advance

    Windows XP home is my OS

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    If anyone could help me out with this..would be very appreciated..I'm rather stuck on what to do to Purge my system of the program

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    get yourself a good uninstaller. they got a few on kazaa


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