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Thread: What Happened To All The Bit Torrent Sites?

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    anyone know what happene?

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    no one knows???

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    they come and go... seems to be one that's up pretty much all of the time.

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    They've been getting hit hard by DOS (Denial of Service) attacks, ever since "The Matrix" came out they have been singled out and are being used as scape goats for the fact that there was a "Matrix" rip 2 days before the actual movie came out , who knows if they will survive, check this article out:

    There will always be BT sites around, but if certain groups get their way ...... it will be alot tougher to find them.

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    Haha...they're talking about the Centropy version. I think that was the only one with the Revolutions trailer attached.

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    So what is the fastest way to get the Centropy copy? I have been trying to dl it for days and it is still not even close. I have a cable connection, but I can't connect to users for more than a couple of seconds. Any suggestions?


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    If you're behind a router, make sure you forward the ports BT tells you to. Talk to the users in the Filesoup forum if you think the torrent may be dead, they are nice folks there, they'll re-seed it for you.

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    anyone know what happene?
    here is your answer: BitTorrent Community going down

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    Check out Bt Top Sites. It has a listing of what BT sites are still up, and it is updated daily.

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    bitto is no better then any p2p imo, if connected to slow ass user, the speed is like 1k-9k at best. it's sad. while i am uploading at 25k, this is when it sucks and I call it quit.

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